Tuesday, January 11, 2011


My first post in 2011. Instead of blogging on the 1st Jan, i'm blogging now on the 11th Jan 2011. Still a special date i guess. Anyways, how's 2011 treating everyone so far? My 2011 just keeps getting busier. But better. =) 

Work. Work. Still work. Mom is getting worried. Dad is complaining. But i do love my work. Indeed, it has been very tiring even tough this is just the eleventh day. Well like i said, this year will be an extremely busy year with all the changes, all the new systems, and all the pressure. Thank god i'm still able to work under all the pressure without losing any extra hair. *Hallelujah* But my panda eyes show everything. *Damn!* 

This year, i no longer teach Maths. Principal wants me to focus in teaching English. Sounds like a good news?? If you think so, you are wrong then! Focus means i've got more classes now. My colleagues almost fainted after looking at the amount of books that i need to mark every single day. I will never have a empty table this year. Anyhow, i'm not complaining. I'm just doing what i like. Maybe, just maybe, busy is a good thing to me.

Just the other day, mom asked - "Did you forget how to enjoy and have fun anymore?"
Right away i said "NO WAY!!!!" "Of course i still enjoy my life, mom!"
And dad....he said the meanest thing - "Yah, there's no way she will ever forget THAT!! Look at her tummy and all the dining places she goes to and all the booze she's having! And did you see that bottle of wain she had that night?!! That thing cost a bomb! Did your daughter kena lottery or something?!!" *giving daddy the death stare*


Anyways, i wonder how my 2011 will be. All i know for now is that i'm gonna have to spend alot this year looking at all my travel iteneraries. See?!! How not to work hard?!!! Besides travelling, my 2011-MUST-BUY-LIST!! Gosh...gotta look for more tuition soon! Haha..

Oh btw, i wanna wish all the January babies (including myself) a blessed birthday! =)
When i was a kid, i've always felt sad for being born in the January. Because back then, i didn't have many friends who were born in the same month. But now, omg i'm telling you, Jan babies?!! MANY of them!! Lets do the maths, shall we? SFang, RLing, XFang, CHui, Isaac, Cher-May, Christine, YM, Jeleven, PeiPei, YN, WD, Jon, Darren, Maya, Sherry, CK, KWei, Kenny, Wayne, SH, Elias, Stefan, Pin, Samantha, KN, SK, Louise, Estelle, XM, Kohilan, Phoon & ME~!! Okay i think i lost count! Just too many! I'm sorry if i missed you out! 

On an unrelated note, there's this b*tch who is really getting on my nerves!! If you don't like what you read, then don't bloody stalk my blog, you idiot!! Don't go say that i'm lying and all! What's the point of lying?! Do i get money from it?! This is my blog my personal corner my place to vent out my feelings and all. In fact, you are the LIAR you b*tch ! Just f*ck the hell off!! >.<

Phew~!! *counting 1...2....3.....* Okay, back to happy mode! =)

I'm going Singapore with my uni buddies this weekend! Yay yay yay! Can't wait can't wait! I'm so excited already!!!!!! *jumping up and down*

Till then. Nitez people! Cheers~!!

Friday, December 31, 2010

NYE WARNING~!!!!!!!!

Today is the very last day of 2010. So what have you achieved over the year? Have you done anything significant to your life? Well it doesn't need to be something really huge you see as long as it means something to you. Like have you done anything that you never thought you'd do it? I know i did. *cheers to that =) * So how was your 2010? I hope u all had a good one.

What about mine?? Shall we start recalling from the beginning of the year? Well i ought to say my 2010 did not start off too good as i was still going thru some really hard times that happened end of last year. It actually got harder or more heart-breaking i should say starting Jan 2010 after i found out the truth. The truth that was so hurtful i could barely breathe. It felt like it was the end of the world. I kinda felt i was betrayed at some point of time. But if you know me, i'm not a revengeful person. Yes, i was hurt. But i didn't blame anyone. I put all the blames on myself. Not to be a hero. It's just me. Foolish and naive - these are what close friends said about me for blaming myself for what happened. My besties kept telling me (until today they sometimes still bring it up) that real friends wouldn't do 'that' to me, 'they' don't worth my tears, and that i should stop caring for 'them'. Well i doubt i'd totally stop that. Coz after all i still treat them as my friends.

Anyways, it took me some time to actually get over what has happened. And i did. I got over it. But frankly if you were to ask me whether i totally stopped thinking about him, i'd say no. Because to me i think it is kinda impossible to completely forget a person that has made a huge impact to my life and that i truly love. All i can say is that i'm happy now and i will always pray that they will last happily forever. Because seeing him happy is the only thing i want. So what's so significant about this incident? Well i am back to who i have always been. Except in 2009. People around me are glad to see the cheerful me again. I myself too feel that i'm a happier person. I guess everything happens for a reason. And this incident has taught me alot. I learnt it the hard way as it cost me someone dearly. But like i always say - suck it up! Life goes on. So i picked up all the broken pieces and moved on. I learnt that even though people give up on me, I will never ever give up on myself! Because giving up means you are going to lose something. So i'm still very much proud of myself. I guess i grew the fuck up! Haha. *what doesn't kill me only makes me stronger*

Okay, sad things aside. I did something really SIGNIFICANT in June! I climbed Mount Kota Kinabalu - the highest mountain in South East Asia! Did you see that??!! The highest people the highest!! Ok i'm making it sounds like a really big deal here now. But it is the big deal to ME! *clap clap* =P  I made it all the way to the peak! Beat that! Grandma & mommy said i was outta my mind. Daddy is extremely proud of his baby girl! Teehee...=)  It was an awesome experience. It reminded me of how much i love the outdoors the adventures. Adrenaline junkie dad calls me. Daddy wants to do it too after i told him how awesome it was. Now i know where i got the gene from. ^.^  And i'm telling you it is a different world when you're standing at the top over-looking whats beneath you. It's not the ego you see. It's the achievement! You have to feel it yourself. It was hell of an experience. It was worth all the hardships and obstables. Heaven!

Other than Mount KK, another significant thing that i've done was that i learned how to say No. I've been warned many many times by family & close friends that i've got to say no at some point of time. I can't be doing everything for others. Neither colleagues nor friends. So yah, i've learnt to say no. But it seems like i'm breaking the rules again haha. But no worries, i will say no when i really can't be of any help.

Hmmm...what else? That i found myself really REALLY love kids? Haha. Well most people do i believe. Anyways, job wise.... I'm going back to work again on Monday after the 2-month holidays. Gears up! I guess i really like teaching. I have the passion for it which nobody including myself ever understand why this happened. Because i've always been the naughty and lazy one back in school. Who will ever believe that i'm a teacher now. Actually i kinda pity my students now haha! Coz almost everything they attempt to do, i'd know before hand. Why? Coz i'm kinda like "Ms Been-There-Done-That". So i know. Haha! All in all, i love my job! Things with colleagues are good too. Speaking of job, 2011 is gonna an EXTREMELY busy year! Syllabus changed, system changed, and pressure on! Well i hope my students' result will improve under my guidance and 'special treatment' haha. *fingers crossed & praying hard* 

Alright, have i done anything new this year except mount kk? Hmm...oh hell yeah! There are a few. Paintball in the muddy jungle. Driving range. Went into the casino & actually placed bets. Rock climbing. Yah thats about it i guess. These all gave me really good experiences and exposures. I'll definitely do it again. Except for the casino la. Lol.

Last but not least, I have made it a point to go away / travel alone for a few days every December. The purpose is for myself to rest n relax and to get ready for the coming new years. It's like a meditation break. Lol. This year i went to PD. Stayed at a pretty decent hotel - Avillion Admiral Cove. It was all good. I got to just lay down and think about what has happened this year, and think about what am i going to achieve next year. And i got all the rest i wanted. Bliss!

Now i've warned you from the very beginning that this is a LONG post! See the "WARNING" sign on my title?!! Haha. Alright, i'll leave my new year resolution for the next post. Till then everyone. See you next year! Tomorrow maybe haha.


Monday, November 1, 2010

that's y i need time that's y i need u to understand

let me open up and start again
but there's a safe around my heart
i don't know how to let you in
that's what keeps us apart........

Monday, October 18, 2010

the sweetest thing...

I have been ditching the gym for quite some time now. And since my tuition is cancelled today, so i went to the gym after work. To feel less guilty. Lol. Then 20 mins on the treadmill and i got a private number phone call. At first, there was nobody over the phone. Then along came some music. It was the sound of a piano being played. I recognised the song. It was Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade. And as i listened to the song, i teared. I guess this song meant something to me. Those memories kept popping up.

Anyways, tears aside. I couldn't really put in words how happy i was when i heard his voice over the phone! I have been missing him badly after he left Malaysia. We talked like how we used to. We teased each other like how we used to. We called each others' nicknames like how we used to. We were just like how we used to. It was all laughter. And i'm glad to know how much he misses me. =)

It wasn't easy for us. Especially the times when he was about to leave the country. He wanted to spend almost everyday with me. Same goes to me. Coz we both know we don't get to see each other for quite some time after that. And so we cherished every moment we had together.
We talked about a lot of things today. Like there were no boundaries at all. We enjoyed every minute over the phone. Anyways, he is such a sweetie pie! Lotsa love to him! XOXO..


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010



to my gorgeous cousin sista Mellisa Lee!!

*don't worry i aint gonna announce ur age here haha*

aint she just pretty...

together with my future cousin-in-law..
congrats on the engagement... cant wait for the actual wedding date!

Anyways, hope you have a blast today!

See ya tomorrow! Muacksss!